The Wurmhole Bible

The Wurmhole Bible

Newly Tranflated out of

the Originall Tongues!


If thou art a traveler seeking adventure through the passages of the Wurm, take heed!  These commands shall keep thee safe upon thy journey.

lways fit a Probe Launcher upon thy vessel.

Podding yourself to high-sec isn’t a great way to start a day.




inger not in the enemy’s domain.

Never AFK uncloaked outside a Force Field.




ide thy face from those that seek to destroy ye.

Sign in at safe points away from your POS and cloak; use your D-Scan to check system activity.  Hell, check your system’s statistics before you even sign in.  Don’t broadcast your presence before you’re ready.




epart this world with thy most valuable possessions.

Always log off in your most expensive ship, at a safe point. Make sure it’s fitted with probes.  That way, you’ll always have at least that.



ake certain always of thy way home.

Make alt scanners to place in your wormhole.  You never know when you’ll be locked out, camped, or podded.




hou shalt use thy Directional Scanner, lest thou fall prey to the terror by night.

Without a Local Channel, this is the only method to see ship or probes around you.  Make sure both are added to your overview.


now thy Session Change Timer.

ESC menu, General Settings, “Show Session-Change Timer”.  Immediately after you pass through a wormhole, you will see a small countdown dial near your new system name.  Hovering over it will bring up exactly how many seconds you have left until you can pass back again through the same wormhole:

o not rush blindly where angels fear to tread.

Never “Warp to 0″ on anything you can’t see with your D-Scan (max 14.6 AU). You never know who or what might be waiting for you.  In addition, there is a mechanic called the “Drag Bubble”–if there is a Mobile Warp Disrupter bubble on a grid you warp to, you will be “dragged” into it regardless of how far away you planned to warp.  Warp to a nearby celestial first and use D-Scan.


e wary of the maelstroms.  Here there be dragons.

Always use a scout first when moving through wormhole connections.



f thou art beset upon by villainous beasts, set thy brow.

If you enter a wormhole and find a camp waiting for you, DON’T PANIC!  You have three options you must quickly decide among:

  • Remaining perfectly still, choosing the wormhole as your selected item, and clicking “enter” when your session change timer expires.  You’ll jump before your session change cloak fades.  This works best when the other side is high-sec, or when you are certain you can escape quickly.
  • Calling for backup.  Hopefully your mates have been wise enough to share daily bookmarks.
  • Logoffski.  Best only if your ship can tank up to a minute of full aggro without modules.

ird thy loins for combat.

Wormholes are an intrinsically-PVP environment.  Even when you don’t go looking for a fight, you’re watching over your shoulder for others who do.  Take all steps to protect yourself.



od and expect to be podded.

It is a tactical necessity, and the wormhole way of life.  Podding takes an opponent out of the wormholes, and the fight, for good.



et your gaze to the heavens, and be wary of all ye see.

Be vigilant!  It’s much easier to return to a site after seeing unfamiliar probes or ships, than return to your wormhole in a new ship and pod.  Additionally, use corp ship tags and alert others whenever you launch probes.



eave not thy baubles for others to find.

Don’t leave anything on D-Scan that can be used to research you–ships not renamed, cans with corp tickers, Territorial Claim Units, etc.


est only at thine own abode.

Never warp to or near another corporation’s tower, unless you’ve scouted first. POS force field access and defense settings are fickle beasts.


hou shalt not speak in Local!

Ever! You never know who else might be listening.




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